February 23, 2012

Bookstrand, Our Authors and Us

Today as we were preparing to do the posting for the next few days, we came up against an unexpected problem. See, the author, K.R. Bailey, had published with or been published by Bookstrand, we’re not sure which it is, and the buy link no longer worked. Therefore, we could not post this fabulous author today. It is our hope that we can have her back on Sunday, February 26th.

Now, this isn’t necessarily the author’s fault at all. We hear there is an issue between PayPal and Bookstrand. Personally, we feel it should have remained their issue alone but the trickle-down effect was in full force. While we don’t know the particulars and being authors ourselves, we tend to side with other authors.

Therefore, if you are a self-published author through Bookstrand, you must provide us with a buy link from another source prior to your scheduled post. As crappy as this is, it isn’t fair to our readers if they like your book but have no way to purchase it at all. We know we are one of your promotion outlets and feel horrible about this.

If you have already had a blog post with us and Bookstrand was your publisher or were self-published through them, you need to give us a new purchase link to your book. See...nothing ever goes away on the internet...someone, somewhere will find that link to the old post and look you up, wanting to purchase your book. Readers get frustrated when they can’t get what they want. And with all the great books out there, who can blame them?

Authors, we are not trying to punish you in any way. We know we have an obligation to BOTH you and the readers. This was a very, very hard decision to make. We aren’t banning you and we aren’t going to take down any old posts. That’s not what we do BUT we’d like to correct what we can in the back posts. If you have any upcoming posts and have already submitted, please, please send us the updated information as soon as possible.

We always try to schedule a week in advance on Wednesday. Obviously, that didn’t happen with our internet issues this week but we make every effort to make sure that every author has their full 24 hours on our blog. We tweet about them and soon will have a Facebook page as well to help promote authors to readers.

We hope that this issue with Bookstrand is resolved soon. Good luck to all the authors who are having to deal with this at present. If we can help in any way, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks again for being such a great group of authors and readers. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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  1. Thank you for trying to resolve the issue so quickly! Us readers appreciate an easy buy. I know when I find something I like, I really like to be able to buy it right then with a simple click.

  2. Thanks for letting us know what's going on - I hate when this happens to authors - they always seem to get stuck as the middle person in a fight that isn't theirs.

  3. Oheqr paypal; has many issues. Maybe we should all leave paypal

  4. As a reader, I agree with your choice. I would be annoyed if I couldn't find a place to purchase the book from.