July 04, 2012

Winners and More

I know, I know...I’m slow today but it’s the 4th of July...and even if I’m not in the country, I still get to have a lazy day. To all of those in the States, I hope you’re having a wonderful day of barbeque, fun and fireworks. We’re getting ready to sit down to dinner and it’s a fabulous afternoon. After the thunderstorms last night, the temperature cooled down and it’s been great. To top it off, there is some sort of celebration tonight and we’ll be getting fireworks as well. From our flat, we can see five or six different shows. It’s a wonderful sight to see!

Now, on to the business of the day...I know you’re all waiting for the winner of the monthly drawing...but first, here’s some statistics on the blog. We had 149 people comment this month with a total visitor count of 2787. I want to thank everyone who’s participated, read and stopped by to comment on the blog. Without you, this wouldn’t be as successful as it is and considering that May was a bust, I’m proud we’re on the right track again.

The winner of the June gift certificate is...drumroll please...Buffy Andrews! Please contact me at theloglineblog@gmail.com to claim your prize as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the readers and those who dropped by to read the log lines. Authors really appreciate it and we’re hoping you’re finding some new reads.


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