November 09, 2012

Fire and Silk

Fire & Silk

Erin O’Quinn

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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Two people crash and clash and desire and despise...when his fire meets her silk.


  1. I love the images this line evokes.


  2. Great log line -- "Crash and Clash" are very evocative words.

  3. Dear Tin and Mary,

    Thanks for commenting! These two characters--a gruff bachelor and a headstrong virgin--collide. The result is memorable, and passionate. This couple is by far my favorite male/female pairing in the eight or so books I've written.

    Siren has rated the book "steamy," but I think a better adjective might be "firey," to match the mood evoked by the title.

  4. A fantastic log line, Erin - and Fire and Silk is a fabulous title.

  5. Dear Paula and Ingeborg,

    I sure appreciate your nice comments. The book is the genesis of the love of two people, told through their love of the land itself. That was my goal, at any rate. And of course the clash of opposites is told in both the title and the log line.

  6. That's a fun line--I like the juxtoposition of the different images those words bring to mind, Erin!