April 28, 2012

An Apology

Hi everyone!

I know you’ve all been noticing that the blog has fallen down of late. Well, I’ve been really ill since mid-March and haven’t schedule any new things because I’m trying to get better. And I’ll be honest, I’m just not sure how long this will go on but I’m hoping not too much longer.

Mid-March, I got a bad case of the flu with about ten days of nearly 101 fever. No other symptoms. No runny nose, no cough, nothing to make the doctor think it was anything but a fever indicating a possible infection. As long as I could control the fever, we were all fine and other than two days, the fever was totally controlled.

Unfortunately, my OTC drug of choice to control the fever was ibuprofen. I had to take it in such large doses I gave myself gastritis. This was something the doctor could help me control, so I did start meds for that and had to watch everything I ate, noting what set off my stomach. It gave me a whole new appreciation for my mother who had battled a peptic ulcer all my life.

Now during this time, I’m lethargic, very tired and doing just minimal things. Sitting up can be a chore and I find myself way behind on everything because I just don’t feel well. Fast forward to last week and I realize I’m getting better. I can immediately tell what I can eat, I am taking short walks around the block again with the husband and pup Harry but I’m still not feeling quite right and am assured it will go away eventually.

Then comes yesterday, April 28th. Suddenly, I’m spiking a fever again but this time, I can’t breathe deeply and have a slight cough. The doctor will visit me at my home on Monday and we’re both hoping that somehow this hasn’t turned into a case of pneumonia.

Please know, I am feeling better overall, fever or not. At least I can sit and type this note to you. And I had been working on catching up on everything throughout the mornings. I can’t believe how much mail I get! LOL! It takes a long, long time to catch up on three-thousand plus emails across four accounts. Maybe this is a sign I should slow down. Sigh.

I will keep everyone posted on what’s going on. And yes, I am working on getting some help...but that, like everything else will take time...thanks for hanging in there with me. I really do appreciate you all being here.


Lynn Crain

The Log Line Blog

April 23, 2012

Queen of the Stars

Queen of the Stars
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