August 18, 2012

Ring Around the Rosy

Ring Around the Rosy

Roseanne Dowell

Books We Love Publisher, LTD

Available NOW!!!

Harassing phone calls from a killer terrify journalist, Susan Weston. Can Detective David Morgan find him before he kills again?

August 17, 2012

Vampire's Vengeance

Vampire's Vengeance

Nicole Graysen

Moonlight Mountain Books  

Availability NOW!!!

When your life is a curse, every moment should be savored and vengeance sought at the earliest opportunity.

August 16, 2012

Maven's Fractured Fairy Tales

Maven's Fractured Fairy Tales
Secondary Title: Book 2 of Maven Fairy Godmother

Charlotte Henley Babb

Indie Published

Availability NOW!!!

Got  a Wish? Get Maven!
Trolls need love too: Bubba and the Beast
Across the gender fence: Mavenstiltskin 
What goes around, comes around: Fairy Frogmother

August 15, 2012

Stats, Winners and More

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a great day! Sorry that this post is two weeks late...I don’ t know what I was thinking...yeah, my meds are giving me more than a headache and I sleep lots. It’s all part of the healing process but this month has kicked my butt. LOL!

The winner of July’s gift certificate is...drumroll please...Shawna! Her comment was left on the Hellbound log line July 12. Please email me as soon as possible to claim your prize. You have one week from the time of this email.

Last month’s stats were fantastic...but they could be even don’t forget to tweet, Facebook or anything else to get people to come in and see our fabulous Log Line Blog. We had over 2900 hits and 172 comments. We also have a few new followers going from somewhere in the 80s to over 100. Yes, this is slow growth BUT it does prove we are growing. This is FANTASTIC and we have all of you, readers and authors alike, to thank for this.

The last Wednesday of the month will bring a very special guest – Gini Koch – of the Alien series from DAW fame. Gini and I met at the Desert Dreams a few years ago when a manuscript of mine won a published writers contest we’d both entered. She came in second...LOL! That is still a shock to this day. Gini sold the first book in her series based solely on her log line. See how important these log lines are? So mark your calendars for this very, very special day!

Hope to see more of you all this week and I’ll bring you even more news next Wednesday!


The Log Line Blog

August 14, 2012

Surrender Her Touch

Surrender Her Touch

Kari Thomas

Eternal Press

Available NOW!!!

Surrendering could be fatal...for both of them. But does a Dragon Shifter know the meaning of Surrender?

August 13, 2012


Book 1 of Concilium series

Michelle K. Pickett

MuseItUp Publishing

Available Now!

Leslee's seen something she shouldn't have—something deadly, something not human. But when her protector becomes her lover will he save her…or kill her?

August 12, 2012