January 09, 2013

Us and the Liebster Blog Award

Hi All!

We just found out that we were nominated for a Liebster Blog Award. First it's an honor to get any award but this one is really interesting. Blogs that have 200 followers or less are the only ones who are awarded this honor. We're close to that limit but not there yet...LOL!

I need to thank Cindy Matthews and her Confessions of a Blonde Writer Blog for giving me this award. Hop on over to her blog and see what she has to say on the subject. Both of us are blonde, although hers is definitely the lighter than mine, and we've have spent many hours talking all about science fiction romance and Dr. Who.

The second task I need to do is to honor five more blogs. Each of them have less than 200 followers and we'd appreciate it if you drop by and see them. Follow them if you dare!

1 ~ The Book's Blurb Blog ~ This is a shameless plug as this is our sister blog. But the lady needs more followers for sure. This is the blog for your book's blurb and it's a free promo blog. It's always open to submissions, so drop by and check it out.

2 ~ Pippa Jay ~ This is a great blog from a science fiction author. Lots of cool things to see and read on this page!

3 ~ Writing with Kristine Cayne ~ Great author blog with lots of wonderful reading and inspiration.

4 ~ M.S.Spencer Tale Spinner ~ Another nice author blog with lots of information.

5 ~ Diane Burton ~ Great author site with lots of information, author interviews, blog hops and more!

6 ~ Joya's Writing ~ Author blog that has blog hops, interviews with people other than writers, and even cookie recipes! What more can you ask for?

7 ~ Kacey's Kreations ~ Blog for author Kacey Hammell and full of interviews, fun posts, blog hops and more!

8 ~ Cait's Place ~ Author Cait O'Sullivan's blog full of inspiration, articles, first chapters and even poetry. Wonderful mix.

9 ~ Spanking Stories ~ Celeste Jones adds a little naughty to this list with her blog. She offers blog hops, inspirational posts, excerpts, guest authors and more.

10 ~ Naughty Ink ~ Author Jennifer August completes this list with her little naughty and sassy blog. She has great posts that inspire and make you think.

Yeah, I know it said 5 but I know a lot of good people who deserve the recognition. Some of these ladies have graced our blog or been a guest on our sister blog. Some are new and belong to writers groups I personally belong to as well. And what can be better to do to them than to honor them with an award during the first two weeks of 2013?

Congrats all! Enjoy!

We'll be back with Wednesday's Wisdom next week!



  1. Congratulations on the nod. Well done!!

  2. Congratulations, that's wonderful.

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for the honor! So wonderful.
    And congrats to you!!

  4. Congratulations on the nomination and WELL deserved. And thanks for honoring me--I am SO blushing right now. Oh, and I'm blonde too! M. S. Spencer

  5. Yay! Thank you so much for honoring me and my blog this way, Lynn!

  6. Hi everyone!

    Yes, this is an interesting award...and you all deserve it too!

    Mary & Ingeborg ~ Thanks for the congrats!

    Kacey ~ You are so welcome and I hope to bring you many new followers.

    M.S. ~ Didn't realize you were blonde! Small world!

    Kristine ~ Love your blog and the presentation. Hope to bring you many readers and followers!

    Thanks all for stopping by!