January 02, 2013

Wednesday's Wisdom

Hi All!

Today is the first Wednesday's Wisdom of the New Year. Because of all the holiday hub-bub, I really didn't have anything wise to say to you when a weird thing happened with the 20 year old. 

Today we were going over just what classes he needed to take for his next semester in college. As we were talking, he had a moment when he freaked out because he didn't like the way that his school was forcing him to take classes. When asking him to relax and to only take the classes, we asked him why he wanted to go into film if it was going to stress him out so much. His answer was priceless: I want to make film because I want to entertain people and bring them enjoyment.  Both his father and I had to smile, we'd always advocated that he find something he loved to do and then do it for the rest of his life. We then got into a discussion about if we, his parents, were exactly where we planned to be in life. While his Dad hesitated, I answered immediately with a resounding yes. I'd always wanted to be a writer and to share books. With this blog, I am doing both and fulfilling a life long dream. Can't get much better than that.

Writing is that dream for me as is sharing other authors. It is my entertaining people and giving them joy moment. We, myself and the staff, are here because we love doing this, because we love books. We'll continue to offer you great log lines and hope you'll think so too. Can't wait to see what the new year will bring as we're starting to see more and more NYC published authors as well as some great indie ones too.

I'll be making a trip to the US in March and April, so the blog will have a small hiatus of three days while I fly back to the States. While the staff knows how to post the blogs and get them prepped for posting, they haven't had the promotion tour where I show them what gets done for every post. 

I'll keep you posted on every aspect of the coming year as they come along. Thanks for being on the E-ride with us!


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  1. It's pretty amazing to go through life doing what you love.