March 08, 2013

Spirit Bear


Rod Raglin

Devine Destinies

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Power before principles? A corporate climber and eco-warrior do battle over an ancient old growth forest, the habitat of the mythical white Spirit Bear.


  1. A very good line & an interesting tale.


  2. Sounds good.


  3. Thanks for your comments.
    Here's a bit more to entice you.

    Kimberley James is hoping her new assignment will jumpstart her stalled career with a New York corporate relations firm. Her client wants to develop a mega ski resort in northern Canada. Her job is to convince the current owners of the land to sell. With millions of dollars to be made, it seems like a done deal.
    Until she runs up against Jonah Baker.

    Baker is part owner of a lodge on the land and an ardent environmentalist. He’s not about to permit a development that threatens ancient rainforests and the habitat of the rare and endangered Spirit Bear for any price.

    Kim begrudgingly respects his principles before profit, but cannot allow a tree-hugging, bear-loving zealot to derail her fast track to success.

    Jonah admires her determination and worldliness, but will fight to the end to stop a materialistic corporate climber from destroying something rare and unique.

    Will the mythical, white Spirit Bear survive, and what role will it play in resolving what appear to be irreconcilable differences?

    Spirit Bear is the first in the stand alone series ECO-WARRIORS, contemporary romances that deliver a satisfying love story with a subplot the addresses important environmental issues.

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