April 28, 2013

Shadow's Edge

Shadow's Edge
Book 1 of the Kyn Kronicles

Jami Gray

Black Opal Books

Available NOW!!!

Everyone fears what hunts in the shadows—especially the monsters…


  1. Nice work, Jami.
    And for you other visitors, Shadow's Edge ROCKS!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me! With Mom's Day coming up, I'd love to hear your most memorable Mom moment... I'll start =0)

    I share my love of reading with my mom, so it's no surprise that I took undue advantage of the stacks upon stack of romance novels stored in my mom's closet in High School. It wasn't till I 'fessed up years later that my addiction to romance was partly her fault, that she knew about my unauthorized check outs.

  3. Hi Jami, what a nice memory that you share your love of reading with your mom. My mom has passed away but I have wonderful memories of laughing until I cried. My mom had a wonderful sense of humor, I hope I'm half as witty as she was.

  4. An excellent line Jami.

    I have way too many memories to choose just one.