July 19, 2013

Fantasy vs. Reality ~ #ChangelingPress

Fantasy vs. Reality

Zenobia Renquist

Razor's Edge Press

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When the line between fantasy and reality is erased, the real fun begins.

Sushi In Atlantis ~ #ChangelingPress

Sushi In Atlantis
Book 5 of Wet

Ashlynn Monroe

Changeling Press

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Can Prince Reil convince his mocha beauty to make whoopee before he becomes sushi?

Fangs in Fur ~ #ChangelingPress

Fangs In Fur
Book 2 of Fangs In

Cynthia Sax

Changeling Press

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In a vampire eat wolf world, love comes down to survival of the hottest.

Blind Faith ~ #ChangelingPress

Blind Faith
Book 3 of Wolfman Tales

Brannan Black

Changeling Press

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Love is a leap of faith. And love conquers all. Right? If only it were that easy.